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The Law Offices of Nancy W. Salomone focuses on only one area of expertise: criminal defense. Nancy has extensive experience in the courtroom and has represented clients in numerous jury trials. Nancy began her career as a Colorado Deputy State Public Defender in Denver. There, she spent a full year focusing entirely on the defense of DUI and Domestic Violence cases, and a second full year committed exclusively on the defense of drug crimes. As a Public Defender, Nancy also handled extremely serious and sometimes high-profile cases, such as murder, sexual assault, robbery, and kidnapping.

Nancy left the Colorado Public Defender and opened a private criminal defense practice, based in Boulder, in 2002. As an attorney in private practice, Nancy remains committed to providing quality representation to all criminal defendants. In addition to providing experienced defense of a client’s court case, Nancy believes that a quality defense includes foresight and assistance with issues that flow directly from a criminal charge. These issues include Department of Motor Vehicle issues, CU student disciplinary issues, employment complications, immigration issues, and preservation or reinstatement of gun rights. In cases where a trial victory or dismissal of charges is the ultimate outcome, Nancy assists her clients with sealing their arrest and criminal records in order to ensure that a background check is clear of any references to the accusation.

Nancy is a Sustaining Member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar, and a chairperson of the Boulder Criminal Defense Bar.

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